Welcome on board!

We sail on with “Odysseus A.” from Adamas, the main port of Milos, an ancient port, rebuilt by Cretan refugees in 1824. We leave behind us the small fishing village of Klima and we avoid the Arkoudes – Bear rocks, who have formed their shape by the sun and the sea.

We move on to the cape of Vani and from the NW side of Millos, we sneak quietly to the vast, open cave of Sikia. Get your snorkeling equipment and swim in the peaceful water. Our next destination is Kleftiko, shelter of pirates in the past, where we swim across the cave.

We move on East, to Palaiochori region. And from there, we go on North, to the sulfur mines. We sail on to Poliegos Island where we find its “Blue Waters”, named since the antiquity. The prismatic rocks of Glaronisia and the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko leave us speechless.

Odysseus A. takes the route back to Adamas.



The magic goes on!