Route of the trip

Our priority is the safety of every passenger. For this reason, a route may change by captain’s order in case of bad weather or unpredictable events. We keep the right to move the departure and arrival time for max 3 hours to avoid bad weather or force major events.

Meeting point

Meet us at Adamas Port just across from Flisvos restaurant.

Check our location on Google Maps.

In case of a custom trip, we can offer an alternative meeting point.

*Please note that you must be on time, or you might lose the trip.

Required info to book.

The process is the same as when you book a flight ticket.  To depart from the port, we are obliged to provide the following information to the port authority for every passenger.

  • First Name:
  • Last name:
  • A unique number (ID, Passport, or driving license number):
  • Nationality:
  • Birth date:
  • Email:
  • Mobile phone including country code:
  • Hotel in Milos:

Shared trip:

You insert the above information into our online system manually.

Private trips:

You need to know your ORDER NUMBER which we will provide to you after the payment. Then you insert the above information to our Google Sheet – “Passenger List Form”:

Due to GDPR, we do not accept copies of passports or other documents, we only accept the information through the “Passenger List Form”.

Additional equipment


For the shared trip, the extra cost is 15 euros per person. The use is strictly personal, and you are not allowed to share it with others. Our personnel holds the right to ask you to return the towel without refunding the 15 euros in case we notice inappropriate use. For private trips, we provide one towel per passenger.


How to reserve and pay


Retail Guests 

Shared trip

We need full payment in advance.

Private trips

We need full payment.



Shared trip

We can reserve the seats after we receive a confirmation email. We need full payment at the beginning of the season (May 1st).

Without the payment, we keep the right to cancel the reservation.

Private trips

We need 50% of the payment for the confirmation of the reservation.

We need the balance payment, of 50% latest 2 weeks before departure of the cruise.

Without the payment, we keep the right to cancel the reservation and hold the advance payment.


Payment fees

Every price we have does not include payment fees. For every payment, you must add a payment fee.


How to pay?

  • You can pay online through our webpage. (credit card extra fees are applied, around 3.6%).
  • You can book at our office and pay cash or card. (Office location)
  • You can pay via bank transfer (only for agents).


Payment methods

For private trips, you do not make any payment before you confirm your order number and availability.

For every payment, you have to add a payment fee. We consider the net amount we receive on our account as a payment amount.


Special discounts (Only for private trips)

We can provide a special discount in case of full payment in advance.


Company details


Activity: Travel Agency

Address: Kalamatas 20, NAFPLIO, 21100


Credit card – Viva Wallet

You can place your payment by using your credit card (we accept: MasterCard, Visa) at the following link.

The payment fee is 3.6%

You place the amount manually, the currency is the euro.

Use as REFERENCE: NAME, DATE OF TRAVEL, and the ORDER NUMBER (without the order number we do not accept the payment) we gave you.

Do not place any payment before confirming with us.


Bank transfer – Bank details (Only for Agents)

Piraeus Bank of Greece




After every payment, you must send us a copy of the payment at the following email:

You have to include your order number and basic information for every payment.

For more help feel free to contact us at or mob: 00306974099944 (WhatsApp & Viber).


Where to Book Your Cruise?

Please note that seats are limited and the earlier you make your reservation the better for you.

For online reservations, you must book at least 8 hours before departure.


Cancellation policy 

Basic Cancelation (Private and Shared trips)

  • We offer a full refund for cancelation 2 weeks before the departure date, after deducting the concierge fee.
  • The concierge fee is 5% of the reservation price, limited to 50 euros per booking.
  • For cancelation made within 2 weeks before the departure date, we offer a 0% refund.

Flexible cancelation (only for shared trips)

Extra cost 20 euros per passenger. You will have the opportunity to select that option online after you choose the date of your trip.

  • For cancelation 72 hours before departure, we offer a full refund for the ticket amount. The flexible cancelation fee is not refundable.
  • Option of changing date during the same season up to four times
  • For cancelation made within 72 hours before departure time, we offer a 0% refund.

Cancelation or Change Date process.

In case of a cancelation or change of date, email us at the The change of date is subject to availability.

You must include:

  • Name for every passenger
  • Order number
  • Initial Date of your trip

Conflict Resolution

If you are disappointed with our services and want to express that to us, you must do the following. You have to take action latest 48 after you finish your trip.

In case we do not receive a conflict request 48 hours after finishing your trip we are not obligated to reply or offer any compensation.

  1. Mandatory: Speak with the crew and inform them about the incident at the same moment.
  2. Mandatory: Send us an email, you have to include your booking or reservation number full name, and contact details together with a presentation of your problem.
  3. Optional: You can visit us in our office

Contact email:


Additional terms

  • Smoking is forbidden on board.
  • The responsibility for every underage is his guardian and every adult is responsible for himself.
  • In case any passenger does damage or misses any equipment charges are applied.
  • Every passenger is responsible for informing us of every health or allergy issue.
  • From the moment you book your cruise you have the responsibility to be on time (boarding time, 15’ before departure) at the meeting point.
  • We keep the right to move the departure and arrival time for max 3 hours to avoid bad weather or force major events.
  • Stop at Poliegos: In case we can not go due to weather conditions we offer an alternative stop. We do not reduce the duration of the trip.
  • In case of strong directional wind, we offer an alternative route.
  • In case of low participation, we offer alternative options.
  • In case we cannot offer any alternative, due to a force major event we provide a total refund.
  • In all the above cases, we inform you accordingly.
  • We keep the right to change prices during the season, especially in case of extreme increases in fuel costs. The new price will be applied only for new bookings.
  • Sikia cave: The general area is accessible only in case of good weather. Rocks at the entrance of the cave fall very easily and sometimes make the cave dangerous. Due to that we only pass by for photos and we avoid getting into the cave.
  • Our company follows the rules of the local port authority regarding the restrictions for the general spot of Kleftiko. Swimming or docking is forbidden inside the red area. Check the map here:

Thank you for choosing Odysseus A Cruises!

Our passion is to create unique experiences and wonderful memories for you and your companion!

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