How to Get to Milos from Athens


If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of your life, Milos is the perfect destination. Situated in the Aegean Sea, this beautiful island is known for its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. There are a few different ways to get to Milos from Athens, so depending on your budget and time frame, you can choose the option that best suits you. The quickest and most expensive way to get to Milos is by plane, with flights taking around 45 minutes. If you are looking to save some money, you can take a ferry from Athens, which takes around 7 hours. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to have a relaxing and enjoyable time on Milos.

Getting to Milos

You can get to Milos from Athens by ferry or hydrofoil, which is a fast ferry between the mainland and an island. If you’re flying, you may need to fly to either Heraklio Airport (HER) or Athens International Airport (ATH). Then take an airport bus to the port of Piraeus (also known as the Port of Athens). From there, it is a short walk to your ship! The journey takes about an hour and costs around €10-15 per person (depending on how many people are traveling with you).

How To Get to Milos by Ferry

The ferry is the most comfortable way to travel from Athens to Milos.

It’s also the most common way, and it is cheap, fast, and easy. You can catch a ferry at Piraeus (the port city on Athens’ eastern shore) or Eleusis (on the western side). The ticket prices vary depending on which port you’re going through but usually start at around €20 per person for one way trip between both ports.

Getting to Milos by Airplane

The island of Milos is located in the Aegean Sea, just off the coast of Greece. The nearest airport to Milos is Santorini Airport, which you can reach by ferry or plane.

The airport is small and has only one runway, so it’s not open 24 hours a day like other airports in Greece (like Athens). It also does not get very busy—if you want to fly out at night or early in the morning, this might be your best option.

Getting To Milos By Private Charter

If you are looking for a private charter several companies offer this service. You can book your flight and accommodation separately or as part of a package. These charter flights tend to be cheaper than those provided by the major airlines, but they are often more expensive than booking everything at once would be.

Some companies also offer tours on Milos with small groups (2-8 people). It is great if you want to go with friends or family members who don’t speak Greek and need translation services during their stay on the island!

How to Get to Milos – Arrival Ports/Harbors

If you are arriving in Greece by yacht, you will likely arrive at Milos’ port of Megalohori. For the most part, private yachts can find space here and come ashore to visit Milos.

If you are arriving by plane or train, there are several options for getting to your vessel:

  • Private charter companies will pick up passengers from Athens’ airport and other cities like Thessaloniki and Corinth, which may be closer than Athens itself. They will also take groups of up to 10 people on day trips around Milos island; these trips last around five hours but include all onboard activities (including lunch), so it is easy enough for anyone with moderate fitness levels who wants an adventure! In addition to these excursions offered by private yacht charters in Greece, there are ferry services available throughout Greece that provide service between ports such as Piraeus (Athens), Patras/Corinthia Square Theatre & Port City Heliport, etc. to Milos.

The port of Adamas in Milos

The port of Adamas is a small and secluded port, which is used by small fishing boats and yachts. It is not an ideal spot for cruise ships to dock in – but if you have time to explore Milos, this may be the best way to get there from Athens.

If you want to travel between Athens and Milos using your car or motorcycle, there are several options available:

  • Renting an airport transfer from Athens (around €50 per person)
  • Taking public transit from Athens (approximately €2-3)
  • Taking a bus/train connection directly between Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) terminals in downtown Athens or central railway stations around Greece

The port of Apollonia in Milos

The port of Apollonia is the main port of Milos. It is located on the east coast of Milos. And it is in the village of Agios Ioannis.

You can get there by bus or taxi from Athens, but if you want to save some money and time (and do not mind getting wet), we recommend renting a car for your trip here!

Do you want to get from Athens to Milos? Here is how you can do it.

If you want to get from Athens to Milos, there are several different ways that you can do it. The most popular way is by ferry, which takes about five hours and costs around USD 50. The second option is flying into Milos airport, which takes around two hours and costs around USD 60 per person (with an additional fee of USD 10 if you want a direct flight). If neither of these options works for your schedule or budget, consider taking a private charter on this island! You will have plenty of options available depending on what type of trip you are looking for: luxury yachts (for parties), luxury cars, or even small planes.


In conclusion, this beautiful island is easily accessible from Athens by plane and ferry. The island has stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, unbelievably luxurious day cruises, authentic native food, and lovely villages to explore. There are also many other islands in the Aegean that can be reached by ferry from Milos, making it the perfect base for exploring this beautiful region of Greece.

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