Milos Mining Museum

milos mining museum

We created our blog with the purpose to present you all the things to do in Milos island, Greece! Find at this page all you need to know about Milos Mining Museum.

Milos Mining Museum, All you need to know, Intro

Milos island is a must visit destination for those seeking to explore the mining history of Greece and the Greek geology. Tucked away in the heart of the enchanting island of Milos there is a treasure that presents an enlightening adventure, for visitors. The small museum of milos in adamas, Milos mining museum allows you to explore the island’s geology and the history of Milos by showcasing a collection of minerals and artifacts.

The primary purpose of establishing this museum was to highlight the importance of mining on the island and its profound impact on the community. It offers a captivating glimpse into Milos geological past, which spans centuries. From the hues of minerals to ancient mining tools and equipment this museum takes you on an immersive journey through time emphasising how mining has shaped both the islands economy and culture.

Milos mining museum was established in 1998 and from the time the museum opened its doors to the public, it aims to foster an understanding of Milos mineral resources and their significant role in defining its identity. Whether you are passionate about geology, fascinated by history or simply eager to learn more, about this islands resources visiting the Milos Mining Museum is a must. It promises an experience that caters to all interests.

Milos Mining Museum, A must-see exhibit

Milos mining museum is located in adamas. The exhibition at the milos mining museum is well displayed in two floors and the basement. 

On the ground floor the visitors get the first contact with the history and activity of the mining on the island. Photographs, paintings, representations, several authentic tools and instruments and geological and tropical maps of the island are displayed there. 

On the first floor visitors can explore the minerals of Milos through an interactive touch unit and there are also samples of minerals in window-cases with information and photographs on the way they are processed and used. The ” Obsidian Collection of Zafeiris Vaos ” , a collection of artifacts made of obsidian, the characteristic rock of the island of milos with its volcanic formation, can be found in the museum that has findings from 1959 by its creator Mr. Vaos. 



milos mining museum

On the basements there are the projection and lecture hall and the hall of temporary exhibitions and educational programs.

The visitors can find the museum details at the museum’s website that has a lot of information plus a full map of the building so that the visitors know what to expect before visiting the museum.

Mineral wealth of Milos island and Greece, Milos Mining Museum

Greece in general is a country that boasts a mining heritage that dates back to times. The country is fortunate to possess an array of mineral resources, including rare minerals. In times the Greek government has actively showcased its mineral riches through captivating video presentations highlighting the potential for investment and growth in the mining sector. As a result both local and international investors have shown interest contributing to the mining industry in Greece. With its mineral resources and standing mining traditions Greece continues to assert itself as a significant global player, in the mineral market. 


Among Greeces sources of mineral wealth lies the captivating island of Milos renowned for its deposits of bentonite, perlite and other rare minerals. These sought after minerals have garnered attention due to their applications in industries and commerce. The Milos mining museum is the place where visitors can explore the island’s mining history. 

Attractions near milos mining museum

milos mining museum

If you are seeking to explore the history of the island then it is highly recommended exploring the attractions near the Milos Mining Museum. One place that shouldn’t be missed is the Klima fishing village, where  the Venus de Milo statue was found. Another intriguing glimpse into the islands past can be found at the early Christian catacombs located on the same area. For those who want to dig Milos has other museums like the Folklore Museum and Archaeological Museum both housing a treasure trove of historical artifacts. Plakas Venetian Castle of Milos is another gem from history that offers views and a chance to immerse yourself in the islands past. Visitors can also explore Phylakopi, a prehistoric settlement with excavations revealing insights into early civilization on this island. 

. Lastly a trip to Pollonia, a seaside village allows you to unwind and soak up all of natures beauty on this island. The attractions, near Milos Mining Museum provide opportunity to experience and appreciate its heritage through its historical and cultural offerings.

The Location, Milos Mining Museum

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Things to do in Milos, boat tour Milos Island

boat tour milos

A very nice option while being on the island is to take a boat tour around the island. There are a lot of different companies that offer different trips around the coastline of the island and stop at the amazing beaches. Some of them offer full day trips, some others half day and some others private trips. In general you will find the option that suits better your schedule. In order to take a right decision on which company to choose see reviews and photos from the online sources. All of them till today start from Adamantas, located in the center of the island. You can walk along the port and find all the available options.


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