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We created our blog with the purpose to present you all the things to do in Milos island, Greece! Find at this page all you need to know about Firopotamos Milos.

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Nestled on the captivating Milos Greek island in the cyclades, Firopotamos is a captivating fishing village that will transport you to an era. With its whitewashed buildings and crystal clear azure waters Firopotamos is a haven just waiting to be explored. The village is renowned for its boat garages meticulously carved into the rocks providing a backdrop for capturing your cherished holiday memories. Whether you seek tranquility or crave a destination, for your adventure Firopotamos offers something special for everyone. If you are traveling from Athens to the greek island of Milos in 2024 the options that you have are either to get the ferry from Piraeus port or to take a 30 min flight from the international airport of Athens.

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firopotamos milos, greece village

Firopotamos the captivating fishing village should be on the itinerary of every traveler visiting the island. This charming village is renowned for its distinctive boathouses, which gracefully line the sandy shore creating a backdrop for any visitor. The Aegean Sea’s crystal clear turquoise waters provide a setting for swimming and basking in the suns warmth. Exploring Firopotamos entails strolling along its quaint cobblestone streets adorned with architecture offering an enchanting and truly authentic experience. Whether you seek relaxation on the beach or an immersion, into culture Firopotamos caters to everyones desires.


Close to Firopotamos is located the picturesque bay of mandrakia that has a lot of syrma houses as well, the boathouse that were used by the fishermen. On top of the hill someone can find apartments and villas to rent with amazing view. 

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Attractions near Firopotamos Milos | Reviews of firopotamos

Firopotamos Milos is surrounded by attractions that give visitors a glimpse into the island of Milos rich history and culture. Just a short drive away, at Plaka village the capital of Milos, you can explore the remains of the Venetian Castle of Milos, a fortress situated on a hilltop that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. The archaeological museum of Milos displays a collection of artifacts and exhibits that provide insights, into the islands past. Additionally the war museum of Milos provides an overview of the islands involvement in historical conflicts.
If you have an interest in architecture a visit, to Klima fishing village is essential as it offers well preserved ruins at the ancient city of Klima and an opportunity to experience daily life in ancient times. In addition in the area someone can find the place where the Venus De Milo statues was found that now is located in Louvre museum in Paris. Moreover for those intrigued by history the early Christian catacombs offer a glimpse into early Christian burial practices and religious life on the island.

Attractions near Firopotamos Milos | Reviews of firopotamos

Firopotamos beach is a small beach on the village of Firopotamos Milos. The beach area is located next to the small harbour where the small church of agios nikolaos is located and it has crystal clear water. At firopotamos bay you will find a lot of the old boat houses called syrmata that are built right in front of the water. 

Boat tours on the island are the best options in order to do a round of the island of Milos. Some of the best places in Milos are accessible only from the sea and the full-day boat tours are an amazing option if you’re looking to spend a full day on the sea, visit the crystal-clear turquoise beaches on the island, enjoy views of the best part of the island with the caves and the coves. If you are in Milos in the high season during the summer months make sure to book early a boat tour because you might miss the opportunity. The island gets very crowded and the boat trips are very popular. Once on board you will definitely visit one of the best Milos beaches  kleftiko on the south western side. 

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firopotamos milos, greece village
firopotamos milos

Rent a car, Rental companies | Restaurants | Accommodation options | Hotels, Firopotamos Milos

Once on the island you will realise that the options are numerous. The best way to get around the island is by renting a scooter or atv. This way you will can move independently anytime you want and most probably the time that you will visit Milos the weather will be warm enough so the ride will always be enjoying. If you are not familiar with the motorbikes you always have the option with an extra cost per day to rent a car to get around the island. We would highly recommend the motorbikes because some of the roads on the island are narrower and the parking at some of the spots might be difficult especially during the peak season months. Keep in mind that the public transportation in Milos is well organised as well. The bus system connects all the main villages of the island and the main bus station is located in adamas right next to the port where you will arrive with the ferry. The accommodation options on the island can cover all needs. From small hotel rooms to entire apartments and villas with private pool and sunbeds either in one of the island’s villages or a little further out.

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WWII German artillery ruins in the cliff | War Museum Milos , Firopotamos Milos

On top of the hill from Firopotamos Milos someone can find the old ruins from the WWII German artillery that consists of four gun machines 150mm. Milos Island played an important role during the second world war and in Plaka village someone can find the war museum of the island located on a bunker from the war.

The underground bunker was carved into the volcanic rock of the island, with a vaulted ceiling to provide added strength against potential bombing. The subterranean hospital is comprised of two lengthy corridors for entrance and exit, as well as two patient chambers, an auxiliary room, and three smaller storage spaces for hospital supplies. This extraordinary museum showcases a variety of artifacts, weapons, and mementos from various wartime periods, offering visitors a glimpse into Milos’ military history. The museum features a collection of war-related items, including helmets, uniforms, pots, everyday hospital items, weapons, and a memorial to 14 individuals who were executed by the Nazis, complete with their names and photographs.

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Things to do in Milos | Boat tour for the best swimming spots in Milos

A very nice option while being on the island is to take a boat tour around the island. There are a lot of different companies that offer different trips around the coastline of the island and stop at the amazing beaches. Some of them offer full day trips, some others half day and some others private trips. In general you will find the option that suits better your schedule. In order to take a right decision on which company to choose see reviews and photos from the online sources. All of them till today start from Adamantas, located in the center of the island. You can walk along the port and find all the available options.

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