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We created our blog with the purpose to present you all the things to do in Milos island, Greece! Find at this page all the best Milos beaches that deserve your time to visit!

10 best Milos beaches in Greece | Visit Milos beach

Milos, one of the Cyclades Islands, with its coastline and crystal clear waters boasts some of the most unique beaches in the world. From rock formations to coves there is an array of options that cater to all beach enthusiasts on this island. In this article we will take a look at the best beaches on Milos island.

Sarakiniko Beach captures hearts with its rock formations while Parafragas Beach amazes visitors with its caves. Kleftiko Beach offers an opportunity to explore the beauty of sea caves and serene blue waters. On the other hand Provatas Beach, the sandy beach with the crystal clear water invites relaxation on its sands.

For those seeking secluded beach experiences accompanied by breathtaking landscapes and tranquility Firopotamos Beach and Tsigrado Beach are choices. If you prefer an atmosphere, with amenities and water sports activities Papikinou Beach and Pollonia Beach will meet your expectations. Gerakas beach with the deep water and the volcano that is located close by is a must visit. Fyriplaka with Loco beach bar is another option available on the island. 

Regardless of whether you enjoy sunbathing, swimming or embarking on thrilling adventures Milos best beaches provide something for everyone. Let us delve into the enchanting beauty and distinctiveness of these beach destinations on this mesmerizing island.

Milos Beaches, Fyriplaka Beach in Milos island

milos beaches, firiplaka

Firiplaka Beach, a stunning beach located on the southern part of Milos island between tsigrado and provatas beaches, is known for its sand and turquoise waters. The unique rock formations at Firiplaka attract many tourists seeking a tranquil and beautiful setting for swimming and sunbathing. During the peak season on Milos island, Firiplaka becomes an organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, and a charming waterfront taverna offering delicious local dishes. For those seeking more adventure, water sports are available on the beach, and kayaks can be rented to explore the southern coast of Milos and visit nearby beaches and caves while getting some exercise. Milos beaches!

The enchanting difference between the golden sand and the vibrant blue ocean is what draws people to Firiplaka, making it a popular spot for both photography and relaxation. Whether you’re looking to take a dip, go snorkeling, or just unwind, Firiplaka Beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches on the island, with its clear waters leaving a lasting impression.

milos beaches

Milos Beaches, Papafragas Beach and Caves | One of the best beaches in Greece

Papafragas Beach and Caves stands out as a popular beach nestled on the picturesque island of Milos. It is one of the best milo’s beaches renowned not only as one of the beaches on the island but also as a top ranking global destination. Some consider it as one of the best beaches in the world with the rock cliff formations and the hidden caves that contribute to its allure making it an essential stop for every visitor. The crystal clear azure waters along, with the breathtaking cliffs and caves create a backdrop that invites swimmers, snorkelers and explorers alike. The natural splendor of Papafragas Beach and Caves has captivated tourists who seek to admire its awe inspiring scenery and bask in the ambiance that this captivating beach offers.

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Milos Beaches, Sarakiniko beach

Sarakiniko beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Milos. Sarakiniko is located on the northern side of the island and is one of my favorite beaches in Milos. The beach itself is an amazing area while it consists of a volcanic rock, the white rock that is the most characteristic one on the island. The landscape is unparalleled resembling a setting with its natural sculptures that have been created by the waves and the wind. The surreal allure of the cliffs and the white rocks make Sarakiniko a must visit for anyone who decides to go vacation on Milos. Sarakiniko is the most photographed beach on the island and definitely you will have seen photos of Sarakiniko beach on tour agent brochures or magazines that promote vacation on Greece. Milos Beaches!

milos beaches, pollonia

Milos Beaches, Pollonia beach

Pollonia beach is located on the eastern side of the island. It stands out as a mesmerizing location and is renowned for its turquoise waters and breathtaking natural landscapes. Its gentle sandy shores and tranquil shallow depths create a haven for families and those yearning for a serene day by the seashore. Moreover numerous beachfront cafes and tavernas await to indulge visitors with meals and refreshing beverages while they soak in the awe inspiring vistas. It is also the closest beach located at the Pollonia village and is a must for those of you who will choose this village for their stay in Milos island. Without a doubt Pollonia beach is a must see destination for anyone venturing through the captivating wonders of Milos Island.

Milos Beaches, Kleftiko beach

milos beaches, kleftiko

The beautiful Kleftiko beach boasts stunningly clear waters and is located on the north western side of the island. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the caves of Kleftiko that is accessible by boat or by swimming, offering a unique glimpse into the underwater world of caves and coves in the area. This incredible coastline is characterized by large volcanic rocks, forming three small beaches. The imposing rocks limit the space for beachgoers to lay their towels. For the adventurous, there is a path to hike to Kleftiko, although it is not considered very safe due to the presence of Milos’ red vipers. Milos Beaches!

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Milos Beaches, Provatas beach

Situated in the southern part of the island, Provatas beach is a well-organized spot with the option to rent chairs and umbrellas. At the sandy beach someone can find the popular Golden Milos beach bar in Provatas. Its pristine waters and sandy shore make it a sought-after destination for people from all walks of life. Accessible by rental vehicle, bus, or a boat tour, Provatas beach offers something for everyone, whether it’s sunbathing, swimming in the Aegean Sea, or simply enjoying some peaceful time with a good read.

The shallow, gradually deepening waters and red sand attract many families with children building sandcastles. The small beach with the crystal clear water is a must visit for everyone. Milos Beaches!

Milos Beaches, Gerakas beach

milos beaches, gerakas

Located on the southern coast of Milos, Greece, Gerakas beach is a small sandy beach with beautiful turquoise waters. It is surrounded by rock formations and large cliffs, making it accessible only by boat. The beach is not organized and the water is deep even near the shore. During the high season, the beach can get crowded due to the number of the available boat tours, but it is definitely worth a visit. One unique natural phenomenon at the beach is the sand spilling from the hillside, creating giant slides. Additionally, near Gerakas beach, on the cliffs, there is a volcano, causing some areas of the sand to be scorching hot.

milos beaches, greece island

Milos Beaches, Firopotamos beach

Firopotamos beach is a very beautiful beach on the island of Milos . The small fishing village surrounding the beach adds to its charm, making it a popular destination for visitors to the island. The bright white sand and the colorful boats dotting the shore create a stunning contrast against the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. It’s a perfect place to relax and take in the natural beauty of Milos. If you visit Firopotamos beach you will have the chance to visit at the end of the rock the ruins of the old factory kaolini and at the hill the ruins of the WWII German artillery. 

Milos Beaches, Tsigrado beach

The Tsigrado secluded beach is accessed by a steep and narrow path, adding to its allure as an off-the-beaten-path gem. Visitors can sunbathe on the soft sand, swim in the refreshing sea, and explore the unique caves and cliffs that surround this picturesque beach. The beach is located on the southest part of the island and someone can visit it either by a boat or with a rented vehicle or even with the bus as there is a bus stop on top of the hill. Milos beaches!

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Milos Beaches, Papikinou beach

Papikinou beach is the closest beach located next to Adamas. It is ideal for those staying in Adamas and want to go swimming without renting a vehicle or moving a lot from their hotel or apartment. The beach offers amenities such as sun loungers and umbrellas and there are also a lot of trees across the coastline for those preferring the natural shade.

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Things to do in Milos | Boat tour for the best swimming spots in Milos

A very nice option while being on the island is to take a boat tour around the island. There are a lot of different companies that offer different trips around the coastline of the island and stop at the amazing beaches. Some of them offer full day trips, some others half day and some others private trips. In general you will find the option that suits better your schedule. In order to take a right decision on which company to choose see reviews and photos from the online sources. All of them till today start from Adamantas, located in the center of the island. You can walk along the port and find all the available options.

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Find our custom guide for Milos island and make sure you explore the best spots


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