Gerakas beach Milos, Greece

gerakas beach milos, island

We created our blog with the purpose to present you all the things to do in Milos island, Greece! Find at this page all you need to know about Gerakas beach Milos.

Gerakas beach Milos | One of the best beaches in Milos island in the Cyclades - Milos Gerakas, Intro

Gerakas beach Milos, nestled in the Gerakas Bay is a treasury sandy beach with crystal clear water in the aegean sea. This mesmerizing beach invites visitors to bask in the sun and take a dip, in the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea. With its peaceful ambiance Gerakas beach presents a retreat for those seeking solace from the fast paced demands of everyday life.

The soft golden sand and gentle tranquil waters make Gerakas beach a perfect haven for families and sun worshippers. Its picturesque surroundings and natural splendor also attract nature enthusiasts and photographers. Whether you desire relaxation or wish to explore wonders through snorkeling, it is a must to discover Gerakas in Milos.

So if you’re planning a journey, to the captivating island of Milos ensure that you allocate some time to discover the awe inspiring magnificence of Gerakas beach. It’s a place where you can fully immerse yourself in the idyllic setting that characterizes the beauty of shores. (Find our full article about all Cyclades islands).

Gerakas beach Milos | Visit the beach | Gerakas Map

Gerakas beach Milos, the small sandy beach with the turquoise waters is located on the southern coast of milos greece. It is surrounded by rock formations and huge cliffs making it accessible only with a boat tour. The beach is not organised with sunbeds and umbrellas and the water is quite deep even close to the beach. It is a must visit during high season when there are a lot of boat tours available around the island. This period Gerakas beach gets pretty crowded but definitely worths a visit. 

As you visit the beach you will be amazed by a unique natural phenomenon that makes the sand be spilling from the hillside making it looking like giant slides all over the beach. Close to gerakas beach, on top of the cliffs, there is also one of the island’s volcano causing the sand to be scorching hot is some areas. 

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The best beaches in Milos | Milos beaches - Trip to Milos

One of the best things you can do while visiting Milos is take a boat tour to visit the best beaches on the island. One of the standout spots is Senior Yanni beach near Geraka. This serene haven offers waters and a tranquil ambiance, to unwind. Another must visit is Sarakiniko beach with the volcanic cliffs that create a backdrop that adds to its allure. Kleftiko that is accessible by boat unveils mesmerizing turquoise waters and intriguing caves waiting to be explored. Tucked away and reachable via a rope ladder lies Tsigrado beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Milso and a secluded spot that provides picturesque views aplenty. Firopotamos beach with the milos watersports stands out as a choice for water sports enthusiasts who wish to delve into the beauty of Milos pristine waters in an exciting manner. Paleochori beach, the famous beach of the island that boasts rock formations is another must visit the offers also soothing thermal waters that invite relaxation under the warm sun rays. Fyriplaka beach stretches gracefully with its shores kissed by clear blue waves and is the perfect place to admire the rock forations on the island. For families seeking swimming experiences filled with family moments, Provatas beach with the clear shallow waters, the syrma houses and the Golden Milos beach bar for food and drinks has amazing options to taste the delicious greek cuisine next to the aegean sea. One of the best things to do in milos is to take a milos boat tour to visit the best milos beaches. The best period is during the high season, july and august, where you will find the most options available most of them starting from adamas main port of the island. You will find half-day or full-day trips and also the option for a private boat tour with a speed boat for more privacy and customised route.

The location, Gerakas beach Milos

Explore all Milos beaches on a boat cruise with Odysseus A Cruises

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Everything you need to know about the boat tours that get around milos, Explore Gerakas beach Milos

A very nice option while being on the island is to take a boat tour around the island. There are a lot of different companies that offer different trips around the coastline of the island and stop at the amazing beaches. Some of them offer full day trips, some others half day and some others private trips. In general you will find the option that suits better your schedule. In order to take a right decision on which company to choose see reviews and photos from the online sources. All of them till today start from Adamantas, located in the center of the island. You can walk along the port and find all the available options.

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