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Milos, an island situated in the Aegean Sea is renowned not only for its breathtaking beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters but also, for its deep rooted history and cultural legacy. Mylos island is the aegean island that is house to a lot of museums that offer visitors a glimpse into the islands past and present.

Some of them showcase artifacts and sculptures while some others have traditional costumes and everyday objects Milos has something to offer every history and culture enthusiast. Visitors can explore the Archaeological Museum of Mylos to witness findings from the ancient fylakopi or delve into the islands mining history at the Milos Mining Museum. A lot of the museums are ideal for those seeking to learn more about the history of Milos island.

In this article we will closely examine some of Mylos mueseums shedding light on their collections and unveiling the stories they narrate about the islands diverse and prosperous heritage. Whether you possess an interest in history or simply appreciate art and culture, a visit Milo in Greece is undoubtedly an enriching experience worth undertaking

Milos museum, All Milos Museums

Mylos is one of the cycladic islands in Greece that has a lot of museums for all the interests. History enthusiasts should not miss the chance to visit the Archaeological Museum of Milos which showcases artifacts from civilizations that once thrived on this island. The Naval or Maritime Museum sheds light on Mylos vibrant past while the Mining Mueseum provides insights into the islands significant mining industry. For those intrigued by history the Ecclesiastical Museum houses a collection of religious artifacts and artworks. Immerse yourself in the islands culture and traditions by visiting the Folklore Mueseum, where you can explore costumes, tools and household items. Lastly pay homage to Milos involvement in conflicts throughout history at the War Museu. From relics to recent historical events Milos museums offer a wide array of perspectives, on its rich heritage.

The archaeological Milos museum

The archaeological mueseum is housed in a neoclassical building of the 1870 that was designed by ernst ziller and it also provides Greek educational programs that focus on Greek history for those interested in learning more. It is located in plaka and is a must visit for those who are interested in exploring the history of the island. In the museum there are a lot of findings from the prehistoric archaeological site of Fylakopi that is a settlement that thrived during the early Cycladic period in the Late Bronze Age flourished from around 3000 BC to 1st century bc. 

The museum in 1985 was established with the purpose of safeguarding the islands cultural heritage. In the museum there is a replica of the famous Venus de milo statue or aphrodite of mylos , while the original statue is in louvre museum in Paris. Additionally in the museum someone can admire early Cycladic potteries and special pottery from Phylakopi prehistoric archaeological site, which exhibit designs and techniques crafted by skilled ancient Greek artisans.

milos museum archaeological

Another highlight is a red-painted goblet from prehistoric Phylakopi serving as an exceptional example of Minoan pottery. The archeological discoveries at Fylakopi offer insights into the interactions and influences between Minoan and Mycenaean cultures within this region.The initially established settlement of Phylakopi swiftly grew in size and importance eventually becoming one of the principal centers in the Aegane during the Late Bronze Age.

The mining Milos museum with the mineral wealth

Mining Milos museum is located in adamas the main port of the island. The exhibition at the is displayed in the basement, the ground and the first floor. On the ground floor visitors can admire photographs, paintings, representations, several authentic tools and instruments and geological and tropical maps of the island. On the first floor there are samples of the minerals found on the island of Milo and the way they are used and processed. The ” Obsidian Collection of Zafeiris Vaos ” , a collection of artifacts from 1959 made of obsidian, the characteristic rock of the island of milo with its volcanic formation, can be found. On the basements there are the projection and lecture hall and the hall of temporary exhibitions and educational programs.

The visitors can find the museum details at the museum’s website that has a lot of information plus a full map of the building so that the visitors know what to expect before visiting the museum

The ecclesiastical Milos Museum of Adamas, The church of the holy trinity

The ecclesiastical museum of milos is housed in the church of agia triada is home to a stunning collection of religious artifacts, icons and iconostases. In the yard of the museum there are mosaic reliefs which impressive bible scenes. A rare icon of the Cretan School showing Christ’s body taken down from the Cross and several paintings by emmanuel and antonios skordilis , the Cretan painters who had an amazing carrer on the island in 1647

At the interior of the church of the holy trinity of adamas decorate the wood-carved lecterns and iconostases of the 17th century, called the ” epitaphios” , gold votive offerings and silver chalices and censers of the 18th century

milos museum adamas

Maritime Milos museum

maritime milos museum

The Maritime Milos Museum was established in September 2008 and is situated in the community building of Adamas Port. This museum provides a glimpse, into the islands history and culture with a range of exhibits showcasing naval battles from the ancient Battle of Salamina in 480 BC to more recent times. Visitors have the opportunity to explore displays, including ship models, navigation instruments and historical artifacts that highlight Milos rich maritime heritage.

Moreover guests can appreciate the obsidian tools crafted from volcanic rock indigenous to the island. Additionally the museum boasts a library housing a collection of books and manuscripts, on history enabling visitors to delve into the seafaring traditions that have shaped Milos throughout its history.

To truly grasp the islands captivating past one cannot miss a visit, to this museum of Milos. This fascinating museum showcases an array of exhibits dating back to times shedding light on the endeavors that have shaped the islands history. Among its treasures you’ll find maps crafted by cartographers as well as the renowned wooden vessel named Eirini once owned by Captain Giannis. Moreover prominently displayed within the museum is the canoe belonging to Mikelis, whose tragic fate sparked the battle of Navarino. Nestled against a backdrop of the Aegean Sea, the Naval Museum of Milos offers an experience suitable for all ages. Whether you possess a passion for history harbor an interest in affairs or simply delight, in discovering horizons this museum is an absolute must visit destination. Prepare to uncover and appreciate the legacy woven into Milos rich heritage.

The exhibits of Folklore Milos museum

The Folklore Milos museum, established in 1967 by the Association of Melians, in Athens is a treasure trove. It houses a range of artifacts including costumes, objects, farming tools and musical instruments. These exhibits offer a captivating glimpse into the lives of the inhabitants of Milos throughout periods. Being one of the islands museums it plays a role in preserving local folklore and customs while attracting visitors from all corners of the world.

The museum provides an opportunity for visitors to explore the folklore, handicrafts and customs of the island. The fascinating exhibits depict the lives of Milos islanders from the century up until a few decades ago all within a small number of rooms. You can expect to find displays of clothing, vintage furniture, farming tools, kitchenware used in households and even a handloom, in this museum. 

The war Milos Museum

war milos museum

War museum is housed in a bunker from the Second World War, is a must visit. Anyone who is interested in visiting an exhibition of the military history of Milos island, the cycladic island in the aegean sea of Greece and learn more about events that took place during world war II when the island was occupied by nazi germany then the war museum is a must.  

It would be nice to visit the Venetian Kastro of Milos and the archaeological museum of Milos housed in the neoclassical building that are located near the war museum in Plaka village as well. In addition, a must visit in the area is the klima village with the early christian catacombs, the ancient theatre of the village and the place where the statue of the Aphrodite of Milos was found.

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Things to do in Milos, boat tour Milos Island

boat tour milos

A very nice option while being on the island is to take a boat tour around the island. There are a lot of different companies that offer different trips around the coastline of the island and stop at the amazing beaches. Some of them offer full day trips, some others half day and some others private trips. In general you will find the option that suits better your schedule. In order to take a right decision on which company to choose see reviews and photos from the online sources. All of them till today start from Adamantas, located in the center of the island. You can walk along the port and find all the available options.


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